Cleaning Zones for every business!
Effectively protect your space from external pollutants with professional cleaning zones!

Cleaning Zones: Protection from external pollutants!

Every business that receives customers in its area faces the same problem. How to keep a place clean that receives so many visitors every day, who inadvertently carry pollutants from outside walks? Even more, how will the space can be kept clean, during the stay of the employees in the office spaces?

For this reason, Kavakopoulos Company imports and markets a wide range of cleaning zones for every professional space! Guest carpets, entrance mats, and even aluminum mats are a few of the many solutions offered by Kavakopoulos Company!

The novelty of the cleaning belt is that, unlike a simple mat, it is placed inside an aluminum base where you want it. It remains there immovable, so that it effectively collects all the pollutants that we want to cut off. It is very easy to clean and gives your space another dimension with a professional profile.

All cleaning zones that our company markets are made in Germany. The high quality of construction and the durability over time are the key features of these products.  Discover today the wide range of cleaning zones for professional use and adequately protect your space, with the best products from the leading factories in Europe!

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