In our company you will find fabrics with special specifications for ships and hotels.
Blackout fabrics, outdoor furniture, furniture from the largest companies in Europe, of which our company is a representative!

Kavakopoulos Company imports and trades a wide variety of fabrics with special specifications for ships and hotels.

The fabrics we import are of excellent quality, and are addressed to professionals who want to make a difference in their professional space. Whether it is blackout fabrics, outdoor fabrics, even furniture,  Kavakopoulos company has what you need! Trust our great variety and our experience and get products from the biggest factories in Europe (Hophe, UNLAND, ATN).

Curtains by Kavakopoulos Company are preferred mainly in professional spaces.

If you are looking for curtains, then your choice is Kavakopoulos Company. You are sure to get excited about the colors and designs, while your customers will love their unique style. Technical skills are not The Only reason, choose our products for the variety of our colors and the unique designs! Their special style does not go unnoticed and gives a special breath to each space and area they are placed. Kavakopoulos company has a large collection of curtains in many styles and colors to choose the one that suits you. Our experienced partners are at your disposal to give you the best solutions from the largest European factories!

Darkening Fabrics: Turn off the light at will!

The darkening fabrics of Kavakopoulos Company are the basic solution for each professional who wants to protect his space or to offer his client the option for darkening the space. They are imported from the largest factories in Europe and are made of durable materials for professional use. Discover today the great variety of colors and designs in blackout fabrics for your space and impress every customer or guest!

Non-Burnable / non-combustible Fabrics: Combine innovation and safety!

The term non-combustible fabrics is a very difficult concept for many specialists, especially as it applies to organic (those that contain carbon compounds) materials, and refers only to limiting or eliminating the risk of fire,  as everything will burn under certain conditions. Methods have been developed to evaluate the energy required to ignite or melt fabrics as a function of heat transfer from radiation and radiation.

Typically, the flame retardancy of the treated fabric is certified for one year, although the actual length of time the treatment remains effective will vary depending on how many times the fabric is cleaned by dry cleaning  and the environmental conditions in which it is used.

In Kavakopoulos company you will find a wide variety of non-combustible fabrics, to ensure the safety of your space and your customers, at the best prices on the market!

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