Plastic floors in strips, tiles and plastic sheets suitable for all uses.
Industrial floors for very hard use, Linoleum floors and 100% antistatic floors for use in surgeries, kindergartens, schools, etc.

LVT Plastic Floors: Innovation with an attitude!

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) plastic flooring is the innovation in plastic flooring, which combines the impressive appearance of a laminate floor with the durability of PVC flooring. Vinyl strips are available in various dimensions and are placed glued or fastened or loose lay. Due to the easy installation and the high resistance to use and stress, they are the ideal solution for any professional space. They can be installed quickly and easily even on an existing floor: jointed tile, mosaic, marble, etc.

Linoleum Plastic Floors: The ecological choice!

Linoleum is a new floor material with an ecological side, as it is made with cork and wood as the main material. More specifically, it is made from a mixture of oxidized linoleum, filled with cork and wood, on a jute substrate.  Its composition is therefore based mainly on natural elements, which makes it ecological and economical compared to other types of floors. One of the main advantages of Linoleum flooring is its high sound insulation capacity,  mainly due to its construction components. This advantage makes it ideal for business spaces and especially for spaces that require sound insulation (eg offices, hotels).

Antistatic Plastic Floors: For specialized use!

Antistatic floors are a specialized solution to meet specific needs in spaces. Antistatic floors are suitable for areas where there must be a complete absence of spatial electrostatic field, such as hospitals, anesthesia areas, surgeries, measurement laboratories, storage rooms for flammable materials, etc. The presence of a spatial electrostatic field creates spark states, carrying the risk of explosion and ignition on the one hand,  malfunctions of electronic devices and boards on the other. Our company trades top antistatic floor materials for a wide range of applications, from the leading dealerships in Europe.

Gerflor GTI MAX: For titanic requirements!

For high loads and Heraklion requirements, Gerflor innovates and presents the Gerflor GTI MAX, the first industrial floor made of heavy-duty, durable plastic. Suitable for applications where there are large loads of vertical slope (machine shops, repair zones, etc.) It is R10 (Slip Resistant) certified, available in a variety of colors and designs, and can be installed on any type of pre-existing floor. It combines high safety features for workplaces, while it has Standard 1177 certification  for reducing the risk of falls with the first point of contact of the head! Finally, it is made from recycled materials, making it of ecological origin and construction! Learn more about Gerflor GTI MAX industrial flooring by  clicking here!

Whatever your requirements, you can turn to the specialized partners of our company, to guide and advise you!

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