Sports Floors for every use!
Make a difference to your customer with a plethora (oversupply) of floors for professional use!

Sports Floors: Usability and beauty, all in one!

Sports floors are the most serious part of any sports venue. In addition to providing safety to the athlete, they also give a special beauty to any space they are placed. Our company offers a variety of options in sports floors for many uses! Also, Kavakopoulos Company innovates with a new product that it is introduced for the first time in Greece!

In our company you will find a variety of sports floors for use in a wide range of stadiums and sports facilities. Synthetic turf for amateur and professional football, rugby, etc.  Acrylic floors for gyms or aerobics rooms, special reusable floors for indoor basketball-tennis-handball courts etc. We import only the best sports floors from leading companies in the field, with our flagship company Gerflor from France.

Ski slopes: An innovation of Kavakopoulos Company in the Greek market!

For the first time in Greece, Kavakopoulos Company introduces the new, innovative special ski slopes, for all seasons. Made of special durable materials, the specific slopes are placed where the customer wants, and offer the enjoyment of skiing all year round, without the presence of snow! The entertainment of your guests is guaranteed and trouble-free, even if there is no trace of snow.

The main innovation of these ski slopes is that they are made of high quality plastic! Therefore, their durability and longevity are guaranteed! Discover today the unique innovation of snow-free ski slopes! For more information about the special ski slopes, contact our company, so that you can receive specialized information and specifications for every requirement!

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