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Wallpaper: The modern aesthetic intervention!

Wallpaper is the decorative trend of recent years! Wall decoration is an architectural trend that has been strengthened in recent years, with a wide variety of decorative proposals and products with a huge variety of designs, covering almost all tastes. Whatever wallpaper you dream of for your space, you will find it at Tesinflex!

In recent years, wallpaper has taken a leading position as a solution to meet the needs of professionals and non-professionals in the field of interior decoration. Their main advantage is the ease they offer in changing any space, economically, and most importantly without hassle. It is a material that provides a variety of options in colors and textures, while not creating problems in the existing installation of the building.

Wallpaper is widely used in the decoration of homes, shops and even offices!

Wallpapers are superior to other materials for covering surfaces, because they are odorless and easy to install. Their treatment is suitable for any space, even for a children’s room. Also, their application is easy  and does not require special work or necessary “repairs” in their application! In the selection for wallpaper, you will find a variety of materials consisting of:

  • vlies non woven, which contain extra microfibers in their substrate, so that there is no shrinkage-expansion during installation but also for their easier removal
  • vinyl, for greater cleaning resistance
  • laminated paper wallpapers, which are also the most economical

We have special wallpapers for application on ships, hotels and hospitals!

In our company, in addition to conventional wallpapers, we have a variety of wallpapers for special professional applications! From wallpapers for ships, hotels, and even hospitals, your choice is Tesinflex! All the wallpapers of our special professional applications are imported from the biggest European houses. All the wallpapers we trade are accompanied by the necessary guarantees for their compliance with the special specifications and regulations required for the intended use!

The installation is done with wallpaper glue which is odorless and transparent, with the main advantage of protecting the wall from damage, during its removal. Whatever your need, Tesinflex will provide you with the necessary guidance for the right wallpaper for your space, while our specialized staff is always available to help you with any question or query!

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