In our company you will find a variety of wooden / laminate floors from the largest professionals in Europe!
Give a different breath to your space by investing in the beauty and usability of a laminate floor!

Wooden Floors: Wood with attitude!

Laminate wooden floors are essentially Hard surface floors that look very much like hardwood floors. More specifically, these floors are made of real wood that has been recycled in the form of high pressure particle board (HDF). In order for you to undestand most of our kitchen cabinets are made of the same material as laminate floors.

The construction of this material has evolved a lot from its original form. Today, the options for laminate floors are many and you can find options that cover every kind of aesthetics to suit your taste!

You have many reasons to choose the application of laminate wood flooring in your space. Some of them are, the incredible quality of the laminate flooring, the very easy maintenance, the fact that it looks like real wood, the easy installation, its attractive price, as well as the fact that the Laminate is a hypoallergenic product.

Due to the fact that there are no places to “hide” and trapp the dust, Laminate Floors can be easily cleaned and it should not cause allergies in people with respiratory problems. In addition, the inner layer of the laminate provides moisture coverage so that the laminate is not damaged by moisture and moisture that we breathe does not accumulate.

Wooden Floor: Advantages

Incredible resemblance to real wood at half the price of wood.
Amazing resistance to stains and scratches.
It does not fade.
High impact resistance.
It has a very long lifespan.
We can install laminate flooring on any surface.
Easy and fast installation.
Easy replacement when desired.

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